Pencil it in…

Framfield Allotments Association committee meetings take place on the first Sunday of every month

Tuesday 24 September
The YEP are hosting a session from the Good Gym, a group of volunteers who are organising a run to Framfield and then spending an hour or so digging over the YEP plot. There will be 15-20 people coming along. They should achieve an awful lot in that time, but only if they have enough tools for everyone to use. So, if you have any spare spades or forks to donate (a great opportunity to declutter your shed), or if you could lend some for use on the night, you’d being doing them a really massive favour.

Saturday 12 October 10am–12pm 2019 – 2020 rent collections
Please note the following:
• Cash or cheques only – please make cheques payable to Framfield Allotments Association
• Please bring proof of entitlement to discount with you, eg LBE Leisure pass, benefits letter
• Please note that rents have increased this year from £17.60 to £18 per pole
• We will collect your £5 association membership fee and shed rent (if applicable) at the same time.  As a reminder, membership entitles you to vote at the AGM.  The funds collected help to pay our annual running costs, eg insurance, equipment maintenance
• If you cannot make these dates please contact one of the committee members or email as soon as possible
•  Please note the very last date for payment (as specified in the Tenancy Agreement): 10 November 2019. If you haven’t paid by that date, then unless you have contacted us we will assume that you are giving up and your plot will be re-let to someone else.

Sunday 20 October
2019 – 2020 rent collections

We have a number of school visits planned – volunteers are always welcome to help out. Please contact Jane.