Equipment hire

Communal equipment

We have a variety of equipment available for hire, including a marquee, from £5. Please speak to George (07850 979025) if you would like to use one of these items.

A few rules:

  • Please consider the health and safety of others (and yourself) when using. Note that goggles must be worn when using the strimmer. Ear defenders are available.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the controls – ask George before using.
  • Do not use your own fuel (the items use different types of fuel and we have had problems when the wrong fuel has been used).
  • Please report any damage or malfunction as soon as possible.
  • Please return equipment personally to George (do not leave lying around the site or in buildings such as the kitchen).
  • We have to charge a small fee for using this equipment to cover fuel, spares and maintenance. This is considerably cheaper than commercial hire fees.

Thanks to those volunteers who help with the repair and maintenance.