Seed swap

We are planning to hold a seed swap event in the New Year (date to be confirmed).  Please have a look through your collection and put some aside for the swap.  They don’t all have to be within the suggested expiry date – some seeds like tomatoes and beans are viable for years.  Any that you have saved yourself will be especially welcome – these can often suit our local conditions better than ones that you purchase.

Framfield Honey

We are delighted to announce the first harvest of honey from the Framfield Allotments community bees. They have not only been busy pollinating your crops but also making lots of honey, which won first prize at the Ealing and Hanwell Allotment Association show. There is a limited quantity of honey available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis, one jar per plot holder in the first instance. You may put your name down for more if we have any spare. The honey will be on sale in the kitchen on Sunday 17 September 2017 between 10am and 11am. Price per 12oz (340g) jar is £7 and all proceeds will go towards the maintenance of the bees. If you are unable to make this date and would like to be added to the reservation list, please email or speak to Lasa (Plot 158).

Framfield honey production

1. Sarah collects frames from the community hives. 2. A frame full of honey. 3. Ben and Joanne scrape the wax from the frames. 4. Lasa, Sarah, Helen and Joanne harvest the honey

Framfield features in BBC World Service advert

Last week we had some unusual visitors at the allotments. They included a Siberian orchestra, astronauts and a dinosaur. There was even an eathquake. No, it wasn’t the AGM, we were hosting a crew filming an advert for the BBC World Service. Sosh and Indranie’s plots (75 and 77) were chosen for a starring role.